Ceremony at New Home

We recently sold a newly built home to an Asian family who followed the Hindu faith.

I was asked to attend a viewing  shortly before completion where they would conduct a ceremony known as apoorva (new) griha pravesh.. This is for first entry into a newly constructed house on a new plot.

Griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one's first entry into a property. Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day that is determined by the astrological charts. Purity of panchang (almanac) and auspicious time (muhurat) must be considered during the griha pravesh.

In a newly built house, the first entry is auspicious when the sun is in the uttarayan position; in old, renovated houses, when Guru (Jupiter) or Shukra (Venus) is setting (the tara or star does not matter in this case). Auspicious months for griha pravesh, are based on the lunar calendar.

As the ceremony I attended was 2nd April then the month was probably Baishak (part April and part May ) which was to ensure the growth of wealth and prosperity but also to ward off evil spirits.

The ceremony involved prayer and placing of idols of Ganesha as well as boiling sugar sweetened milk which is drunk by everyone present, including me!  In 35 years in the property industry this was the first one I’d attended.